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Clearing to Begin for US 64 Safety Project

​HENDERSONVILLE – N.C. Department of Transportation crews will begin clearing trees and vegetation along U.S. 64 from White Pine Road to Blythe Street as early as Feb. 5.

Donations Needed for the Invasive Species Project!

Last year the Parks and Greenways Board formed an Invasive Species Committee to better educate residents about invasive species and to encourage individual property owners to join the Town in addressing this issue. It is estimated that it costs $15 to save a single tree. This compares very favorably to the minimum $2,000 expense of removing a dead or severely compromised tree.

The original gift is now fully exhausted but has been followed with a second gift of $10,000. The donor wishes to encourage residents of the Town to support this work with their own contributions. In addition to the generous $20,000 gift, The Friends of Laurel Park have responded with a $5,000 commitment. Also, all of the Town Council members have contributed financially to this effort, as have Invasive Species Committee members and other residents.

Please consider joining these residents with a contribution to this important undertaking.

Checks may be made payable to the Town of Laurel Park and annotated for Vine Removal. Because most of the at-risk trees are located on private property, any progress and work of saving and preserving our mountain forest is totally dependent upon the initiative and action of residents and property owners.

Tarheel Paving


Tarheel Paving will close the section of Laurel Park Highway between Central Drive and Robinson Lane Thursday and Friday for paving.


Hebron from Laurel Park Highway (at Robinson) to Essowah, and Essowah to Central will be closed tomorrow.

Invasive Removal Update

Attached is a map showing the status of the areas that have been worked on to rid the Town of Invasive Species.  Red shows all the treated areas in Laurel Park, and green shows all the private roads that the Town has no authority over. The Town only has two more weeks of funding left and urge citizens to help match the funding to cover more areas. To donate please contact Town Hall at 828-693-4840. We thank all the donors for all they have contributed to this very important cause.

Disposing of Paint


We have recently had instances of residents putting unused paint in their trash. As a consequence, Waste Pro trucks are dripping the wet paint on your neighbor’s driveways.

Paint is never to be placed in your household trash unless the paint is completely dry!

Invasive Plants Workshop Information

Did you miss the Free Invasive Plants Workshop with guest speaker Mr. Steve Pettis, Horticultural Agent with the NC State Cooperative Extension? His presentation is now available here.

Bagged Leaf Collection

ALL bagged leaves MUST be in paper bags. Lawn and Leaf Bags cannot be less than 25 gallons and can be found at any local hardware store.

No Open Burning in Laurel Park

Recently the Town of Laurel Park became aware that North Carolina Administration Code 15A NCAC 02D.1903 prohibits open burning in towns that provide municipal yard waste pick-up. Therefore, the Town of Laurel Park cannot issue burning permits in the Town Limits.