Welcome to Laurel Park

Welcome to the Town of Laurel Park! We hope you find the information on this page to be useful, and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

The Town of Laurel Park values its people, its strong sense of community, and its mountain environment. The Town envisions a future where balanced decision-making results in a quality community where people have choices. Our Town is responsive to the needs of residents today and adapts to serve our neighbors of tomorrow.


  Friends of Laurel Park

The Friends of Laurel Park is a non-profit organization with the mission to work with residents, businesses and the Town of Laurel Park to preserve and enhance the physical, cultural, historical, environmental, recreational and social resources of our exceptional “Town on the Mountain.”

  Trash & Recycling Services

ALL GARBAGE MUST BE PUT OUT BY 7:30 AM All garbage must be placed at the edge of the street on the regularly scheduled pickup day, Thursday. Any major change to the scheduled collection day will be announced in the town newsletter, website, and via Blackboard Connect. NOTE: In case of major storms (i.e. ice, snow) or holidays, the scheduled day may be affected.

MISSED GARBAGE/RECYCLES PLACED OUT BY 7:30 AM ON THURSDAY must be reported to Town Hall (693-4840) by 10:00 AM on Friday in order for same day pickup.

See the documents below for more detailed information on garbage and recycling.

  Emergency Notifications - Blackboard Connect

Blackboard Connect is a free service that allows the Town of Laurel Park to send residents and businesses time-sensitive messages about planned street closures, snow removal, water outages, and emergencies in their neighborhood. 

To receive these alerts, please sign up at the link above - your information is never used for other purposes.

 Street Map

There are over 36 miles of roads in Laurel Park, most of them winding on the mountain. If you'd like a hard-copy of the street map, please stop by Town Hall.

  Quarterly Newsletter

The Town produces a quarterly newsletter, which is mailed to every resident and business in Town. You can access the latest newsletter at the link above.

  Water & Sewer Services

Approximately 60% of residences and several businesses receive water service from the Town of Laurel Park. The remaining 40% are served by the City of Hendersonville. The Town of Laurel Park purchases water at a bulk rate from the City, and resells to 820 customers. Billing is bi-monthly - customer meters are read in February, April, June, August, October, and December, and the bills due by the end of the following month.

The Town bills and collects for water and in some cases sewer service – depending on the address. The City of Hendersonville owns the water and sewer lines, but the Town maintains the water lines, bills, and collects for the services to most residents. The Town bills on a bi-monthly basis. You can expect to receive your bill in the first week of the billing month with the due date being the last day of the billing month. The Town’s preferred method of payment is bank draft, which you may sign up for in the office or you can find the form here. You may also mail or drop off a check to our drop box conveniently located in the Town Hall parking lot beside the USPS box.

There is a fixed charge of $38.50 for water service and $42.50 for residents who have sewer service as well. This fixed charge is for the two-month service time, with the remaining bill based on thousands of gallons of water used.

If you sign up for bank draft, you will still receive a paper bill in the mail outlining how the charges are broken down.

The Town requires a $75.00 deposit for renters, which will be used to pay the final water bill and if a credit balance remains the Town will refund you the difference. If you purchased a home in Laurel Park the Town will waive the deposit if we can see a document showing proof of ownership. You can bring this by our office Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm.

Our office is located at 441 White Pine Drive next to the Laurel Park Police Department. We are located at the intersection of White Pine Drive and Laurel Park Highway at the 4-way stop sign with the flashing light.