Sunshine List


All agendas, & agenda packets & minutes for Meetings will be posted online. You may view/download the agendas, packets, and minutes you wish for free by visiting the following link: The links to the Town’s minutes are under the “Government” tab.  Please download the packet the day of the meeting to ensure you receive any additional materials that may be updated in the packet.  You may view archived minutes, packets, and other documents as well. Because the agendas and agenda packets are now available online, we will no longer be emailing them out.  By law we are required to give notice of Town meetings to those who request it. If you would like to receive notice of meetings please fill out this form and submit it to the Town Clerk by mail or email at: Town of Laurel Park Town Clerk | 441 White Pine Dr. Laurel Park, NC 28739 or

For additional information or questions please contact the Town Clerk at (828) 692-4840.

In accordance with NCGS 143-318.12 (b) (2) Each newspaper, wire service, radio station, and television station must submit a written request to the Clerk to the Board and must renew the request annually. Persons who request notice of meetings by U. S. Postal Service or Fax, other than the media, shall be required to pay ten dollars ($10.00) per calendar year, and are required to renew their requests annually. (Email notification is Free) Fees, if applicable, not paid within 30 days of receipt of this notice will result in no notices being sent.