Donor Opportunities

Rhododendron Lake, also known as Laurel Park Lake, was built in 1909 and for many years afterward served as a community hub in Laurel Park and Hendersonville. Families came to enjoy summer days spent on the beach or nights viewing silent movies. Many residents first learned to swim in those very waters. Rhododendron Lake Nature Park is a memorial to those memories and that feeling of community present at Rhododendron Lake.

Many Laurel Park residents have expressed an interest in celebrating this heritage through financial support of this project. Donations can be made by credit card or through your PayPal account by clicking the Donate tab. Checks should be made to Town of Laurel Park – RLNP. Below is a list of Donor Recognition opportunities for various levels of support. Of course you can always make an anonymous donation if you prefer. 

Pavers                           Donation                              # Available                   Spaces/Lines                              

8” x 4”                                    $100                                       270                              26/3

8”x 8”                                     $200                                       270                              16/6  

12”x 8”                                   $500                                       270                              22/6

12” x  12”                              $1,000                                     112                              22/8


Exercise Stations                 $1,000                                    10 (10 taken)

 (includes 12x8 paver)


Benches                                $1,500                                       6 (5 available)


Bridge                                    $30,000                                    1 


Overlook                               $15,000                                     1


 Donations for Rhododendron Lake Nature Park are tax deductible under section 170(c)(1) of the IRS Code. Please consult your tax advisor regarding your specific tax situation.