Leaf Collection

The Public Works Department uses a vacuum leaf collection process each fall to collect unbagged leaves. Vacuum leaf collection begins in mid-October and ends by mid-Febuary each year.

  • Residents are responsible for ensuring their leaves are at curb at the appropriate time for collection.
  • Leaves are vacuumed and shredded, and transported to a designated composting site.
  • During dry weather, the leaf collection operation generates significant leaf dust. Residents should keep this in mind when parking vehicles o near piles of leaves.
  • Wet weather makes the leaves very heavy and slows collection operations. Snow delays the program significantly.
  • Bagged leaves are also collected year round on a call-in basis. 


  • Rake leaves to the street prior to the advertised date for crews to be in your neighborhood.
  • Be careful not to block fire hydrants, drainage inlets, or ditches.
  • Cover vehicles or move them off street during leaf collection if leaf dust is a concern on vehicle surfaces.


  • Don’t mix tree limbs, branches or any other debris in with the leaves. This creates a hazard for the employees and may damage the equipment.
  • Don’t park vehicles in locations that make leaf collection in the immediate vicinity difficult.
  • Don’t call to request that your leaves be collected out of order.