Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial board. Some powers and duties include interpretation, administrative review, conditional uses, and variances. Click here to read more about how a quasi-judicial hearing is conducted.


Meetings are held every other month, beginning in January of each year. The meetings are at 4:00 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month in the Town Hall Meeting Room located at 441 White Pine Drive in Laurel Park.

The Town Manager staffs the Board of Adjustment and may be reached at (828) 693-4840 or email.

Terms of Service

Appointment terms are for three (3) years with an appointment date of January 1.

Six members are appointed by the Town (these members live inside the corporate limits), and one is appointed by Henderson County (this member lives outside the corporate limits but within the Town's land use area).


Member   Current Term Expiration First Appointed
Ronald Bajakian  ALT 12/31/2025 10/13/2022
Richard Groves   12/31/2025 10/13/2022
Ray Goetsch   12/31/2025 12/14/1999
Stephen Braznell ETJ 12/31/2023 12/19/2007
Pamela Stover   12/31/2023 12/15/2020
John Crook   12/31/2023 2/16/2010
Susan D. Laborde   12/31/2024 2/19/2019
Mark Morse   12/31/2024 1/19/2020


Pending Variances

The Town generally receives 0 - 2 variance applications each year. If received, variances will be posted on the website at least two weeks prior to the hearing date.