ABC Board

“The mission of local ABC Boards and their employees shall be to serve their localities by controlling the sale of spiritous liquor and promoting customer-friendly, modern, and efficient stores.” GSNC 18B-700 (a) (1)

The Laurel Park ABC Board is appointed by the City Council and serves at their pleasure. The Board has authority over administration, real estate, personnel and retail sales of liquor inside Laurel Park’s corporate limits. It is an independent unit of government than assures the responsible operation of the system within the boundaries of the laws and rules of North Carolina.


Meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in the Laurel Park ABC Store.

Store Manager John Nall staffs the ABC Board, and may be reached at (828) 692-5325 or email.

Terms of Service

The ABC Board consists of three members serving staggered three year terms with an appointment date of January 1.


ABC BOARD  3 year term
Member   Current Term Expiration First Appointed
Paul Bakke   12/31/2025 12/1/2020
Robert Dulmage   12/31/2023 12/14/2017
Joey Allison   12/31/2024 10/15/2019