Park Donations

Thank you for making your way to our Donor Recognition page. Our park project would not be possible without the help of our grants and donors. We appreciate your consideration!


NC Urban Forestry Council  NC Parks & Recreation Trust Fund NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund


Fitness Stations

Pamela Sacco

Bench Sponsors

Crowell, Denise & Joe

Johnson, Henry

Linder, Bernd & Toby

Mayer, John

O'Cain, Carey

Rawe, Donald & Earliene

Stangl, Barbara & Herb

Livingston Bench (Sumner, Carol; Pouch, Edgar; Boardman, Braye, Hunter, Randy & Alice; Pace, Mark & Virginia; Barton, Shaw; Livingston, Robert & Joyce, Livingston, R.R. & Jane; O’Cain, Carey & Lutrelle; Goodwin, Mary; Goodwin, Henry & Litho)

American Chestnut ($1,000+)

Banta, George W.

Ebert, William S.

Hansen, A. Paul

Lilly, Dr. Edward

Linder, Bernd & Toby

The Vina L. & Richard C. Sauer Fund of Community Foundation of Henderson County

Dogwood ($500-999)

Crook, Barbara & John

DuRose, Nancy &

Gleaton, Hugh & Madge

Greiser, Rita

Land-of-Sky Garden Club


Leggett, Dr. JoAnn

McFadden, Ann

Muller, James & Nancy

O'Cain, Carey & Lutrelle

Pieper, Jeff & Melanie

Schoendorfer, Carl & Eugenia

Vickery, Bob & Kay

Mountain Laurel ($200-499)

Alexander, Alison

Bagwell, Diana & Morris

Ball, Chuck & Carrie

Ball, Jim & Nancy

Banadyga, Rex & Becky

Barsotti, John & Sylvia

Bird, Robert

Burbridge, Rosalie

Cannon, Bob & Jeannette

Catlin, James & Susan

Coira, Bud & Emma

Crook, John & Barbara

Dingee, Art

Dunn, Jim & Barbara

Feathergill, Betsy

Griswold, Tom

Hansen Company Intl

Hansen, Julie

Hansen, Steve

Highberger, Sam & Mary

Jones, Karen

Keels, Scott

Lee, Mary Ann

Marks, Hunter

McIntyre, Don & Sandra

Muller, Nancy

Pieper, Jeffrey & Melanie

Remy, Christine

Ross Jr, Fred D

Swain, Jane

Thomas, Ann

The Bill and Pam Faulk Foundation

Williams, Sandy

Wood, Robert



Rhododendron ($100-$199)

Acker, Mark
Ahern, Frank
Bagwell, Morris & Diana
Beck, Lorie
Bock, David & Joanna
Barnwell, Marilyn
Burge, Charles & Barbara
Calton, Carson & Cathy
Cooley, Art
Cox, Ricki
Fritschner, Annie
Garbarino, Harold
Glowacki, John & Myra
Hanson, George & Danielle
Hassel, Linda
Heston, Philip & Janet
Highberger, Mary
Hoffstadt, Fred & Nancy
Holloway, Jenny
Holding, Robert P.
Huggins, Denise
Johnson, Henry
McClelland, Gail H.
McGraw, Edmond & Georgia
Mennella, Robert & Dona
Nelson, Dennis & Gail
Pearson, Mary
Pharr, Barbara
Russell, Arlene
Shirlin, Dave & Karen
Slater, Frank & Faye
Staebell, Andrea
Tillman, John
Tomlinson, Julia
Towner, Tim & Sue
Walker, Emily
Waters, Mickey
Whittington, Iris
Wilson, Marion
Winner, Leslie


Additional Contributions (less than $100)

Andreae, Nancy Mitchell & Neal
Churchill, Barbara
Combs, David & Shelah
Kirkland, Richard
Kosturko, Joe & Jean
Lockwood, Luther & Elizabeth
Lorick, Harry & Catherine
McGee, Walter T
Mitchell, William
Muller, James & Nancy
Moniz, Alan & Ines
Oates, Jean
Reinicker, Charlotte
Steelman, Rebecca Jane

Donor Opportunities

Rhododendron Lake, also known as Laurel Park Lake, was built in 1909 and for many years afterward served as a community hub for Laurel Park and Hendersonville. Families came to enjoy summer days spent on the beach or nights viewing silent movies. Many residents first learned to swim in those very waters. Rhododendron Lake Nature Park is a memorial to those memories and that feeling of community present at Rhododendron Lake.

Your donation will further the vision of an outdoor-oriented and active community. With a park that can be used by all ages and enjoyed for generations to come, the town of Laurel Park will continue to thrive and prosper.

We have created various donation levels that offer donor recognition. Don’t miss your opportunity to immortalize your name and words in the park. Thank you for supporting the enhancement of our community!

Paver donors should also fill out and submit a Paver Order Form. View the available symbols for the pavers here. Pavers will be ordered and installed by the end of the month after the paver order form is submitted. For example, pavers ordered March 1 - March 31 will be installed by April 30th.





12 x 12


107 of 112


12 x 8


259 of 270


8 x 8


239 of 270


8 x 4


230 of 270




10 (0 available)




8 (0 available)

available for other parks










 Donations for Rhododendron Lake Nature Park are tax deductible under section 170(c)(1) of the IRS Code. Please consult your tax advisor regarding your specific tax situation. Click here to make a donation or pay for a paver.